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Welcome to my blog. This is the story of my adventure traveling – on my bike – from Ushuaia, the southern-most city of South America, up through the continent, along the Andes mountains. The final destination and time span are unknown, but with the only limitations being my bank account and my desire, i hope to make all the way to the Caribbean sea.
I have decided for this trip that I will (try to) write a blog for the first time. I’m doing this for a couple of reasons: First, whenever I have told people about my plans to cycle the Andes, they usually ask if it is possible to follow my trip and, secondly, this will be a great way to remember everything that I experience for the next, who knows how long.


My bike ride in the Andes

Getting ready for rain

From the  15 january to the 26 January.  In total I ended up spending 3 weeks in Él Chaltén (Argentina) before I set off going north. In that time I meet a lot of cyclist Read more…

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